The Beach And The Bikini

The other day at work someone said they were not going to eat cake because they were going to the beach. Sometimes I still wish I had the discipline, but even back in the day when I had the type of body I did not want to go to the beach. My body is large, and will never go to the beach in a bikini, I say never! I would wear a skirt to my knees if I could , and that is about it.

When You Dare To Hope

As you know I am not really excited about dating, but my hopes were momentarily on the brighter side when someone asked me for my phone number. Oh well, I think he was a phone number collector with no intentions of really calling. I was not really even interested in him because I do not think we have much in common, but I guess I was just excited someone had shown interest in me after a few months of nothing. Well I always seem to meet people online that want to meet up, but that is really not my thing. Trying to be optimistic, but you know I just do not see it happening.