Did you see Bono at the Obama Inaugural Celebration?

This has been an exciting and uplifting time for me. I love HBO and today several shows were on that I enjoyed watching. Flight of the Concords and Big Love finally came out with their new episodes, and HBO showed the We Are One: The Obama Inaugral Celebration. Today not only am I excited about having Barack Obama, the man I elected president, take the oath of office in two short days, but I am excited I was able to watch some very good programming on HBO. If you do not subscribe to HBO I would recommend taking your satellite provider or cable company up on one of their special offers because these channels have always provided great entertainment. I remember when we first got cable in our part of the San Bernardino Mountains back in 1983 being able to watch movies on HBO. I have been a movie afficiando since the time I was five, but as a teenager I also came to enjoy the award winning documentaries, series, and live programs offered on HBO. Today HBO lived up to this standard by telecasting the Inagural Celebration, which had some wonderful and great entertainment acts. I could not help put admire Bonos singing and his creating special lyrics for Obama and Biden in his famous songs. Bono sure looked very sexy at the Obama Inagural Celebration, and I am not ashamed to say it.