I Love The Moody Blues

I love the Moody Blues and they are my favorite band of all time. As a child growing up I remember listening to Nights in White Satin and many other hits because this was one of my mom’s favorite bands. Then the mid-80’s came and I remember seeing Justin Hayward and the band in videos on MTV, which gave me a visual picture of what these men looked like. I was very intrigued by Justin picking up the phone to call his long lost love in the video I Know You Are Out There Somewhere, and too this day he symbolizes sexy to me. I usually do not have celebrity crushes, but the men of the Moody Blues have just touched me in an inexplicable way. I cannot think about a part of my life without thinking of some of their songs.

Ex And The Text!

Once I had an ex who would always send me the weirdest texts. He did not even want to date me at the time, but he still sends me texts that are of an intimate nature. I basically told him to stop and he apologized, but I am sure this person knows better. Later he texted again to ask how I was doing politely, but he should have just done that in the first place. I told him I accepted his apology, but I do not think I will respond to his last text. It is so inappropriate for men, or women for that matter, to send people texts assuming that we want to hook up. Do not assume that your presence is that sorely missed unless you have worked to win our respect and trust in the first place.