Do You Ever Feel Like You Are The Only Single Person At Thirty?

Do you ever feel like you are the only single person at thirty? Everyone is getting married and posing with their kids on myspace and facebook, buying houses, and having transitioned beyond apartment living. Maybe I am a little bohemian and just prefer my simple life, but all I need is a cute little apartment and I do not need a big house. I never want to have children, and marriage is probably not something that will happen for me. If it does marriage must be on my terms because this is my precious life we are talking about. I shall continue to write, sleep, draw, and eat when I like, and I do not want to alter my schedule because of a man.

In the past I feel people who are coupled look down upon us single folks. What if we actually like being single? Did they ever consider this. I actually feel blessed I will never wake up the shrill cry of a baby or have to discipline my children while walking through a department store. Sometimes it is painful to hear parents’ constantly having to correct their children in public, and some just have given up and allow their children to completely misbehave. This is entirely their business, but there are some positives for people in this world who just do not want to have kids. We feel nothing is lacking if we are not married to one man, or have several children.

Single women can flirt with several men and never have to go home with them. Not that I make a practice of flirting, but I sort of enjoy the freedom of being my own free agent. It is a very heady feeling.

The Inconsistent Texting Guy

There are several actually, but one continues to text me every other month. Really if this guy had showed some intiative and tried to see me again I would be open to this, but I think he just wants someone who will be intimate with him. I refuse to do that at this point in my life because I do not want to be used up or become a relationship statistic. I do not think being in some what of a relationship is an answer, I would rather be single for life and only settle when I know it is a genuine guy. This guy is not genuine, so I wish he would stop texting me. At this point I am just treating me like an acquaintance because no one is too busy to be polite. He claims he lost his cell phone the first time he did not text after we met for coffee, and then later on he basically revealed he wanted a kiss and decided not to come out because he did not get one. Well fella, I am saving my kisses for my future husband and not you. Oh well, rather be single and wish he would stop texting, but I know he will continue.

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