Adult Children Who Drop Out Of College

Should you allow your adult children who drop out of college to move back home? Honestly it is probably not a good idea because they may take advantage and not get a job right away. Encourage you children to seek academic help if they are afraid of flunking out of college, or help them enroll in a school that is better suited for their needs. The point is to help your adult children take an initiative for their lives so they will not become freeloaders.

People Who Never Want To Date

As people get older they often enter long term relationships and get married. Well Sweetiepie at Hubpages is a very single girl, and she is that way right now because she likes it. In a world that constantly obsesses about dating, relationships, wedding magazines, and Valentine’s Day dinner reservations six months in advance, Sweetiepie is happy to stay home to read, write, blog, hub, journal, draw, paint, hang out with friends, and enjoy her life to the fullest right now.

For years she felt sad always hoping that the current guy she was dating would be the one, but deep down she always knew each of these guys were not right for her. One day Sweetiepie woke up and realized years of her life could pass by and she would never be happy if she continued at this rate. Now Sweetiepie is totally focused on being single and happy, and she hopes that others will realize dating is not the answer, and spending time with yourself is often the solution. Dating can be boring, time consuming, and downright expensive, whereas spending a night a home can be more enjoyable and fun.

So what do all you single bloggers out there think about dating? Sweetiepie is happy to wait awhile and be single until someone really great comes along. She is no longer obsessing and wondering when this will happen, but actually taking the time to do what she likes and to be happy each day.

Why I Just Feel Like Being Single

I just cannot describe why I feel like being single so much, but I would prefer to write hubs on my sweetiepie profile at than date. Going out and meeting new men is a brain drain for an introvert like me, and often I just want to wait at the bus stop without a person interrupting my piece. I am enjoying these days of just listening to the wind rustling throught the top of the palms trees as I walk past the business center for exercise. I enjoy sitting at my computer and typing my thoughts and feelings, and here are some ideas I have about being single.