Stop Text Messaging Me Already!

I just do not get it, when I date certain guys they never want to take the relationship to the next level, but when I draw away and do not call them all of a sudden, bam, I am getting texts and emails morning, noon, and night. Back in November I dated a man who seemed promising, but after two dates he dropped off the face of the earth without so much as a call or an email. Since I had liked him at the time I emailed him and asked him if he behavior had something to do with his dating other women and not wanting them to know about me. He adamantly denied this at the time, but his myspace profile told me a different story. Since this look like a dead-end to me I decided to forget him and move on, but every two months he resurfaces like an annoying telemarketer that will not just go away. He sends me romantic poetry telling me how he has wronged me and that he wants me back in his life, but I know what he really wants and I am not falling for it. I decided to ignore his last email asking for my current picture and I hope he eventually fades away.

The second I dated between January-March did not even want to consider the time we spent together dates because he had “just got out of a six year relationship.” That is all fine and dandy, but his relationship had ended six months prior to us hanging out and I cannot imagine why he acts like the time we spent together was not a date. He says it was an in-between phase between friendship and dating, but I am not going to fall for this one. Since overall he was honest in the end I will answer his emails on the few occasions he send one, but I refuse to ever see him in person again. I know better and I getting back on that marry-go-round to nowhere.

I have never officially dated the third guy that incessantly keeps calling and text messaging me, but like clock work he pops up every two or three months. I met guy number three back when I started dating guy number two, so I never decided to meet guy number two. By May guy number three was texting me again and asking if things had worked out with that person I was seeing and I let him know it did not. From the start we never seemed to get along, but he keeps insisting I go spend the weekend at his house. I am not an ultra-feminist, but as a Christian woman who is putting her life right with God I do not intend on dating a guy who speaks to me like that. He can peddle his romance somewhere else because I am not buying it and my theory is these men are messaging me every few months because:

1. There is no one they like better at the moment, so they are looking through their address book and calling old dates.
2. They like games and wondering why I am not contacting them like all the other women they claim call/text them.

Really it does not matter why they call or text, but it keeps life interesting and funny from time to time. Ladies, if you are dating a guy who could not make a commitment in the first place and then calls/text you a few months later to say he wants to reconnect, be very cautious and do not meet him. If you want to meet him that is up to you, but there are plenty of nice men out there who will not play these games and I am happy being single until I find one.

Men Who Pretend To Have Tourrettess Syndrome

Once I went on a blind date with a man who acted like he had tourettes syndrome. People who really do have tourettes syndrome have an excuse for the foul words that bubble out of their mouth, but someone who does not have it should know better than to swear like a sailor. On this blind date this man used ever expletive imaginable to describe his co-workers, which to me is not a good sign because people should not be that hostile. Next, he decided to swear at the waiter because his salad had some ice berg lettuce and at that point I got up and walked out of the restaurant. Tourettes syndrome is a very real issue for some people and those who do not have it should not be using the language of sailors. Believe it or not, Mr. Wonderful left a potty mouth message on my answering machine asking why I left the restaurant without an explanation.

Chat Rooms For Single People

Since I am a single person I often like to use chat rooms to talk to people from time to time. Google lively is a new thing and I have not tried it yet because I do not want to download another application to my computer. I guess I should go try it to see what all the fuss is about, but honestly I just cannot bother to try it today. Hopefully I will get around to trying it soon. In the meantime I would like to remind everyone of the important chat room safety tips they should always follow.