Expressing My Sense of Style With A Cat Bag

A canvas bag with a reprint the colored pencil drawing of Irina the cat with Mount Baldy as a backdrop.

High-end bags are not my thing, but I do love cat art bags. In the past, I used iron transfers of my cat artwork placed on canvas bags. Unfortunately, the iron transfers would usually fray with only a few months of daily use, which was quite discouraging. I noticed that the price of ordering a bag with my artwork on Zazzle is about the same as when I used to purchase a canvas bag and a pack of iron-on transfer sheets. The artwork on the Zazzle bag is more durable because they use a machine to directly print the image on canvas material, which is then sewn into a bag form.

The cat bag has an adjustable strap that can be worn long, or at a medium length.

This bag has a reprint of my drawing of Irina the cat with Mount Baldy as a backdrop. When designing the bag on the Zazzle template, the fill space option zoomed in on Irina’s head with Mount Baldy directly behind her. This cuts off part of the drawing, but I do like that the focus is primarily on her face with the view of my beloved Mount Baldy. Even though Irina has grown up here in the Inland Valley, I like to imagine her frolicking up in the San Bernardino Mountains.

The Irina the cat bag is available over on Zazzle by clicking on the bag below.