I Love Making Pie

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I did make a turkey, but that was not really the highlight of my day.  I could have photographed it, but I did not even bother.  The star attractions were the apple pie and the pumpkin pie that I made over the last few days.

The photographs above are of an apple pie I made over the weekend. This time I cut a little hole in the center for the steam to escape as the pie was baking, and it reminded me of a window on a submarine, but in this case the organic apple filling was peeking out. I love make apple pies with the organic apples from my mom’s tree, and these just taste the best.

The other pie I made was a pumpkin pie, but I was not as excited this time because I used canned pumpkin. The pie still tasted quite nice, but there is just something phenomenal and fresh about roasting and pureeing a pumpkin that makes the pie taste even better. My sister and I even noticed that freshly roasted and pureed pumpkin was more naturally sweet, and you did not even have to add as much sugar. So I decided to use up my canned pumpkin to make this one, but little did I know a surprise was on the horizon.

My pumpkin pie fantasizes were fulfilled when my mom gave me several organic pumpkins she harvested the other day. Now I shall be roasting and pureeing the excess pumpkin to freeze, and making a few pies.