I Dread Returning Things To The Store

I dread returning things to the store and sometimes will just put up with a malfunctioning product, and just make a different purchase next time. Sometimes, I hear people return things I would never have thought of. For instance, I mentioned to someone I hated the flavor of the toothpaste I purchased, and they mentioned I should just return it. Maybe I am a sucker, but I do not see the point of returning a product just because it does not taste the best. This was a natural toothpaste, so I was not surprised it had a stronger flavor. Also, I would dread standing in a return line just to take back a tube of toothpaste that was not my favorite. I will use it up because it still gets my teeth clean, and next time I might just purchase this brand. If something is not completely malfunctioning, I do not see the point of going to the store to return it. I know some people who take back every product that does not work for them, so I guess I am the opposite.