Visiting The Asistencia

I stopped by the outside of the Asistencia yesterday to take a few pictures on this gloriously warm Southern California day. We are still having the unseasonably warm weather for January, but I am enjoying this sunny and clear blue skies.

The church bell and wooden cross at the Asistencia, which was a small version of a mission.
The Asistencia is a remodel of the original. This outpost was a small form of a Catholic mission back when California was still part of Mexico. Today the Asistencia is a California historic landmark.
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I parked my bike as I was riding by the Asistencia to take a few photos. It is closed to the public at the moment, but apparently, tours and weddings can still be arranged through the local museum.
Posing with the Asistencia bell tower in the foreground.
Of course, I wear my sunhat most days here in Southern California because it is perpetually sunny.

Here is the short YouTube live stream of my shortstop outside the Asistencia. I am planning more long bike rides home along the scenic route because when it comes to being active I like to just take my time on the way home. Physical activity comes with the touch of the basking sun on my skin, and enjoying the view of the mountains and the flowers farther down the road. There is a rush around culture here in Southern California, but I have decided to spend my time enjoy the outdoors and life. Since I really do not watch shows I like to spend my time coming up with ideas for my blog post, such as sharing the beauty of this historic landmark.