Making A Mango Blueberry Smoothie

Today I made a mango blueberry smoothie.

The smoothie is almost lavender in hue.

The smoothie is vegan and consisted of pureeing two mangoes, two bananas, and a half cup of blueberries with about a cup of almond milk. I do not measure out ingredients when I make smoothies, I just throw what sounds good in the blender.

The blueberry smoothie is going on a trip to Joshua Tree. This is just a running theme I have on my blog, pretending my smoothie is going on a vacation. I like to hang my travel photography in my kitchen.

To make the smoothie I first scored two mango and pureed these with a cup of almond milk.

I scored two mangoes to add to the smoothie.

After pureeing the mangoes with the almond milk, I added two bananas and a cup of blueberries for color.

After I blended the smoothie, I poured it in a glass mason jar with a handle.

The video illustrates what the smoothie looked like in a live action format.